Many people wonder whether coconut oil is good for them and in what way and before we look into the benefits we would like to remind all users of coconut oil that we are thinking ONLY of the high quality and unrefined Coconut oil which carries health benefits. There are many, many claims made for coconut oil, but at Volcanic Earth Europe we are looking at the good that this all-natural oil does for your skin, your hair and for minor scars on the skin surface.
Volcanicearth Europe Coconutoil benefits - Traditional effective with:
• acne     • for eyelashes   • foot problem  • wrinkles   • make-up cleansing  • skin rash • neurodermitis  • as deodorant  
• styling product • psoriasis   • after sun   • cellulite  • anal fissure   • age spots   • skin rash • scalp problems  • cracks in skin  
• dry skin and hair  • hair-mask  • and more

One typical outward sign of aging is the appearance of brown age spots on the skin, especially the hands, which should not be confused with freckles. The medical name for liver or age spots is “lentigines” from the Latin for “lentil.” They appear as flat, brownish marks on the skin with rounded edges and are larger in size than a freckle. Age spots, or liver spots as they are sometimes known, are the result of an excess production of melanin, the natural pigmentation of the skin. Doctors are as yet not completely sure why age spots develop, but the aging of the skin, sun exposure, or other forms of ultraviolet, or UV light exposure, for instance tanning beds, are all possible reasons. They do not feel different to the surrounding skin or feel uncomfortable. Some opinions state that age spots are caused by free-radicals deteriorating the skin’s lipids, the lipofuscin pigments accumulate within many different parts of the body, one of the “wear and tear” pigments and they can be controlled by using the right oils both in your dietary intake and on the skin.