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When it comes to skin care,
Volcanic Earth - Europe™ manufactures only the best natural skin care products which are proven effective.
Discover what makes the best face and body moisturiser for you whether you have dry skin or oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin. You prefer a skin care product that is a natural, non-comedogenic moisturiser so your pores don't get clogged up. Secondly, a good, skin care product should be high in antioxidants to fight off free radials which make you look older because they break down your skin's connective tissue. Natural, facial skin care for wrinkles, uneven skin tone, puffiness, premature aging, sun damage, acne-prone skin, blackheads, redness, dullness, scarring, fine lines, dark circles, age spots, enlarged pores, congestion, hormonal breakouts, roughness/flakiness, dehydration, irritation-prone skin, dermatitis, eczema, wound healing.

Volcanic Earth - Europe™ natural skin care products focus on anti aging, troublesome skin disorders based on the incredible moisturising and skin healing properties of pure Coconut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Volcanic Ash.

  The original pure Tamanu Oil
  DME processed Coconut Oil
  Volcanic Ash from 1 of the most active volcano world-wide.
Our pure authentic ingredients are delivered to the cosmetics industry, aesthetic dermatology clinics, Wellness industry, veterinary clinics.
In addition, we developed a complete body and facial skin care based on the mentioned basic ingredients.
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