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Tamanu Oil Exclusive at Barber Shop.
Beard care, thinning hair, haircare products, authentic shaving, and more..
A personal and high quality experience.
They carefully chosen our products amongst the best in Europe.

Tamanu Oil

Exclusive in barbershops worldwide

Barbers worldwide

Pure Original Tamanu Oil, exclusive available at Barbershops

• Pure Tamanu Oil for beard care

• Pure Tamanu Oil for skin care

• Pure Tamanu Oil for hair care together with Coconut Oil or the Shampoo with Tamanu Oil

• Aftershave splash with the authentic Tamanu Oil

• Hair tincture with the authentic Tamanu Oil

• And more...

Facial Mask

Barbers Facial Mask

Hair Tincture

Barbers Hair Tincture

Facial Scrub

Barbers Facial Scrub

Facial Moisturiser

Barbers Facial Moisturiser

Aftershave Splash

Barbers Aftershave Splash

Sample offer

Tamanu Oil 15ml

Tamanu Oil 50ml

Tamanu Oil 100ml

Tamanu Oil 1000ml

Gift Set

Skin Care Gift Set XL-B

Shampoo Tamanu & Oils