Ingredient Tamanu Oil™

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In pure Tamanu Oil™ many active, important ingredients are found.

Tamanu Oil™
Tamanu Oil™ appears to have an extraordinary good effect in the prevention of scarring. The oil can be used in rheumatic pains, in sciatica, painful joints, muscle pain, neuralgia (nerve pain, facial pain), because of the pain-relieving qualities. Also: wound healing, skin-healing, ulcers, sores, scabs, leprous neuritis, minor burns, radiation burns, fistulas, - fissures, varicose ulcers, dry skin, herpes, bedsores.
Further use at: cracked skin on hands and feet, fissures, postoperative wounds; in lotions for psoriasis, eczema, after depilation, with cracked nipples, analgesic and anti-inflammatory with shingles.

Tamanu Oil™ is used centuries
   Damaged skin
   Damaged hair
  UV Protection
   Mosquito bites
   Dry, scaly skin
  Wounds, cuts

Apart from its ability to promote and speed up the healing process, this extraordinary, healing agent also possesses antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antineuralgic, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Tamanu Oil is not to be ingested but should be applied topically (directly onto the the skin). Initially, it may be necessary to apply the oil 3 or 4 times a day and then drop it back as the problem begins to heal. Once applied, massage in.

Tamanu Oil™ gives your skin a healthy glossy effect.
Tamanu Oil™ not only gives your skin and hair a glossy effect, the oil makes your skin healthy again.
1 Drop Tamanu Oil™ is sufficient for daily use.

The Process of Tamanu Oil™
Tamanu Oil™ is made from the nut kernel of the Tamanu trees.
These trees grow very slow, and can grow up to 3 meters in height.
Once grown, a Tamanu tree produces up to 100 kg fruits and about 18 kg oil Tamanu kernels have a very high oil content (75%). The oil forms in the course of the nuts' desiccation. During the desiccation process the kernels loose weight from 7 gram to 4.5 gram.

The nuts are collected by hand.

Tamanu Oil™ is 100% pure, no additives and are pesticide free.
No chemical processes is involved.

Purity and authenticity is maintained during the whole process.

The Tamanu Oil™ is cold-pressed from the inside nut kernel of the nut in self.
The shell is left out of the process.
These nut kernels are left to cure naturally, only after the fruit have fallen naturally from the tree. The nuts will be dried for months.

During the process the fruit (nut) become brownish-red color and release a strong, rich oil. The Tamanu Oil™  is then extracted by cold pressing and filtered.
Which results in the finest, pure, rich, 'green/gold' tinted, luxurious Tamanu Oil™ .

It does take a lot of nuts to produce a small quantity of pure Tamanu Oil™ .

There is no negative impact on the trees themselves, the nuts are collected
and dried after the fruit naturally loosen form the trees.

Scientist do not fully understand the unique cicatrizing properties
of the Tamanu Oil™ as it has an extremely complex portfolio
of chemistry that is difficult to decipher.
Few people realize the powerful properties of the Tamanu Oil™ , because there is many refined and other types of Tamanu Oil™ in the market. Ask for a certificate of analysis