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Belcastro & Bellissima offers various (beauty) treatments. We have various rooms in which all treatments are carried out carefully and with great attention. Due to our small scale and the hospitality and professionalism of our people,
your (beauty) treatment guarantees a special pampering moment for yourself.
Do you have specific, personal questions? Do not hesitate, Bellissima Team can provide you with tailor-made advice.

Beauty Institute

Belcastro & Bellissima in Belgium:
3 lovely girls share their passion. They offer the best caring solutions for you:
√ General Treatments
√ Facial Treatments
√ Epilation and modeling of #eyebrows
√ Hair Removal
√ Make-up
√ Manicure
√ Pedicure
√ Permanent Make-up
√ Final hair removal VPL
√ Final hair removal blend
√ Skin rejuvenation VPL skin Improvement
√ Tanning

They offer the best skin care products, beauty products, latest fashion.
Few of their brands are:
#VolcanicEarth, #PierAugé, #Clephar, #Pupa, #IsaDora, #Fabbrows, #AcqueDiItalia

Just take a look - you will be amazed !

#Blog ‘proven effective ingredients’

Our offer Authentic brands:
Pier Augé,
Volcanic Earth,
Fab brows,
Acque Di Italia

Belcastro & Bellissima was born with great passion and love in 1982, founded by Belcastro Pietro & Ruyl Olga. Our family business stands for quality, personal attention and results. After all these years, Olga passes on her expertise and experience to her three daughters. Mireille, Angélique and Valérie continue their work with love, drive, an eye for detail and professional advice.