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Skin Care Gift Set XL-B

Volcanic Earth
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Volcanic Earth™ offers a Skin Care Set:
• 2pcs Tamanu Oil 15ml
• 1pcs Facial Mask 100ml
• 1pcs Facial Scrub 100ml
• 1pcs Aftershave Splash 125ml
• 1pcs Facial Moisturiser 100ml + 25ml
• 1pcs Hair Tincture 125ml

Brand: Volcanic Earth™
Tamanu Oil:
Tamanu Oil is a very special effective regenerative oil for skin. Biological activity studies confirmed skin-active effects of Tamanu oil treatment and an antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal) protection, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, promotion of extra-matrix cellular (production of GAG and collagen).
The oil is also rich in oil and linolenic acids, which moisturize and soften skin, but does not make the skin oily. Tamanu Oil supports common skin problems. Due to its calming and relieving pain effects, the oil is used in massages, for rheumatisms and sciatica soothing, and also highly appreciated for wound healing and analgesic properties. Tamanu Oil is only for external use. 

Facial Mask:
Volcanic Earth Barbers creamy Facial Clay Mask contains natural Volcanic Clay and special compound ingredients including Tamanu Oil, Coconut Oil. Barbers Facial Clay Mask helps to purify, nourish, tone, clear, absorbs excess sebum, reduce blemishes and prevent skin breakouts. Barbers Facial Clay Mask for drawing out nasty toxins and easing inflammation, while toning and stimulating your skin at the same time. Barbers Facial Clay Mask is natural, free of any chemicals or artificial colorings. Treating your face with this Volcanic Earth Barbers Facial Clay Mask on a regular basis will support have your skin glowing naturally. Perfect use before and after shaving.

Facial Scrub:
Volcanic Earth Barbers creamy Facial Scrub removes dead skin cells, allows your skin to be properly moisturized, soft, healty. Volcanic Earth  Barbers Facial Scrub helps creates collagen production, prevents skin breakouts (acne, inflammation), retains moisture. Volcanic Earth Barbers Facial Scrub contains micro-fine volcanic pumice powder, honey, Tamanu Oil. The powerful ingredients cleans in a mild way very effective.
Clean skin is essential in order to maintain healthy skin. We touch everything from shopping trolleys to car steering wheels to items in the office or workplace that can carry germs. Perfect use before and after shaving.

Aftershave Splash:
Volcanic Earth (non-alcohol) Aftershave Splash contains special compound ingredients including Tamanu Oil.  Aftershave Splash is an alcohol free naturally scented, spicy and masculine men's aftershave lotion. Aftershave Splash, with a woody spicy scent,  supports in recovery of irritations caused by shaving.
Soothe your face post shave to prevent irritated skin, bumps, and alleviate redness. Anti-inflammatory. Perfect after shaving or when you just want to smell great.
No sticky feeling.

Facial Moisturiser:
Volcanic Earth Barbers Facial Moisturizers is designed to stabilize normal skin hydration. The secret of Volcanic Earth Barbers Moisturizer lies in its exceptional formula, super nourishing oils, such as Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil. Volcanic Earth Barbers Facial Moisturizer helps minimizes the appearance of fine lines and increases the elasticity of the skin, moisture and skin healing. Applying a natural moisturizer to the face is the last step in ensuring that less moisture disappears from the skin. Prevent and treat dry skin, protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone, texture and gives your skin a healthy, smooth, blemish-free appearance.
Perfect after shaving

Hair Tincture: 
Volcanic Earth (non-alcohol) Hair Tincture contains special compound ingredients including Tamanu Oil.  Volcanic Earth Hair Tincture is an alcohol free naturally scented, spicy Tincture. Volcanic Earth Hair Tincture, with a woody spicy scent, supports in recovery of irritations on the scalp.
Helps the scalp maintain healthy hair growth as it delivers the needed nutrients for growth and healthy maintenance, promotes healthy hair follicles. Anti-inflammatory.
No sticky feeling. Easy way to smell great.