Volcanic Earth Europe products available in Pharmacy stores as well.
Tamanu Oil is regarded as a very powerful, skin bruising remedy - even people with small wounds and any other skin condition benefits from it. Perfect for dry, flaky, oily or sensitive skin with its unique anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory qualities

Natural, facial skin care for wrinkles, uneven skin tone, puffiness, premature aging, sun damage, acne-prone skin,
blackheads, redness, dullness, scarring, fine lines, dark circles, age spots, enlarged pores, congestion, hormonal breakouts,
roughness/flakiness, dehydration, irritation-prone skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and wound healing.

Tamanu Oil is a source from nature.
The harvesting of the nuts and the subsequent cold pressing into Tamanu Oil  is a sustainable source of income
for the Oceania island people in a largely non-cash economy.
This income is much needed to pay for their children’s schooling and basic necessities such as rice and medical care.
Every purchase of a Volcanic Earth product directly assists Oceania island people in South Pacific to alleviate poverty.
Volcanic Earth - Europe™ works with natural products, it occur that the color/smell slightly vary per batch.
The process and recipe is maintained. Authenticity and purity is maintained during the entire process.
All ingredients are subjected to a strict quality control and assayed by GCMS and includes a COA.

120 Capsule
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