Volcanic Ash has long been used by native Melanesians for treating a wide range of skin infections because it helps protect
and purify the skin by destroying bacteria.

Facial Clay Mask with Ash

Facial Exfoliant with Tamanu

Facial Cleanser with Tamanu

Hand-Scrub Frangipani, Volcanic Ash

Foot Scrub Peppermint Pumice

Hand Scrub Frangipani - 1 Liter

Foot Scrub Peppermint - 1 Liter

Volcanic Earth Clay Mask - 1 Liter

Volcanic Earth Exfoliant - 1 Liter

Volcanic Earth Cleanser - 1 Liter

Facial Scrub

Barbers Facial Scrub

Facial Mask

Barbers Facial Mask