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More about Volcanic Earth

Volcanic Earth : Back to basics – the nature - with 100% natural products!

Volcanic Earth – Europe | Natural Facial Skin Care, Natural Body Skin Care.
What sets them apart from others?
Their unique authentic ingredients which are proven effective ?
Volcanic Earth Europe products are not just a beauty product, it is so much more.
Volcanic Earth Europe not only offer the complete facial skin and body care,
but they also support clinics, pharmacy, wellness resorts to use their unique ingredients to make their own unique products or just use them as a natural ingredients during facial treatments, during body treatments which is perfect to use them naturally.

The harvesting of the nuts and the subsequent cold pressing into Tamanu Oil 
is a sustainable source of income for the Oceania island people in a largely non-cash economy.
This income is much needed to pay for their children’s schooling and basic necessities such as rice and medical care. 
Every purchase of a Volcanic Earth product directly assists Oceania island people in South Pacific to alleviate poverty.

It is still one of the few places on Earth where you can enter into a culture that goes back thousands of years and connect with the natural world.

It gives us great satisfaction to compose honest products, to test and present to you- Volcanic Earth natural skin care products.
Every purchase of a Volcanic Earth product directly assists Oceania island people in South Pacific to alleviate poverty.
As these beautiful ingredients comes from islands from Oceania: Authenticity and purity is maintained during the entire process.
All the ingredients are subjected to strong quality control and assayed by GCMS and includes a COA.

√ 100% pure Tamanu Oil  √ 100% pure Coconut Oil  √ 100% Volcanic Ash (Volcanic Ash)

The original pure Tamanu Oil   DME processed Coconut Oil   Volcanic Ash from the most active volcano world-wide.
Our pure authentic ingredients are delivered to the cosmetics industry, aesthetic dermatology clinics, Wellness industry and veterinary clinics.
In addition, we developed a complete body and facial skin care based on the mentioned basic ingredients.
Suitable  for men, women in all ages & skin types:  - normal, dry, greasy, combination skin -

Volcanic Earth fair trade skin care products, chemical-free and 100% natural.
Each ingredient has been tested in our lab. Volcanic Earth Europe is unique because of its origin.
These ingredients are authentic and centuries medicinally used by folk medicine.
A unique authentic story to tell.